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If you have already purchased Finzu and just want to upgrade to Finzu+ or FinzuGen/+ and have purchased the Proto Parts or/and Clothes and want the combined unity package, please message me on (Fastest response: ) Discord, or Twitter and I will upgrade your package for you for free to the full version so they are not seperated!

HOIIII This is the first model from scratch I have ever made so please bare with me, notify me of things that are broken or need fixing, (keep in mind model breaking things first, if its very minor and you need to be in some unique awkward position for it to happen then I probably dont need to know or fix it) I also do not own any face tracking hardware or software apart from VSeeFace so its hard for me to test facial tracking for ARKit and Vive, please let me know if things go wrong there and I will try to fix it (but no promises until I get my own facial tracking equiptment)

The species is called Finzu, they are dragon-sharks; they swim with their tail between their legs and wriggle like a snake underwater :D

Don't forget to rate my package and give feedback on my discord! Thanks a million!!!

There is a public version that will be available for you to try and test here:

Try the model for free in game

What it supports:

  • Full body tracking
  • Quest (Not yet optimised but it works)
  • Miku Miku Dance blendshapes
  • Vive pro eye blendshapes
  • IPhone/ARKit face tracking blendshapes
  • Vive face tracking blendshapes
  • Physbones
  • VRCSDK 3.0
  • Base Performance: Good
  • VRC Visemes
  • Gestures/Expressions

This package includes Poiyomi Toon shader get it here:

Poiyomi Toon


  1. Import VRCSDK 3.0 into Unity 2019.4.31f1 : VRCSDK
  2. Import Poiyomi Toon: Poiyomi
  3. Import Finzu/Gen/+ Unity Package
  4. Double click 'CLICK_ME'
  5. You are now ready to customise and upload!

(For Quest you can use any prefab provided (Although some physbones will need to be removed) and dont forget to change the materials to VRChat Mobile and lower the resolutions of the textures)

REMEMBER: If you are uploading a quest version for your pc version of Finzu (and vice versa) make sure they both have the same upload ID.


Do not:
Give out package to other people who do not own Finzu/Finzu+/Finzu_Clothes/FinzuGen/FinzuGen+/Protoparts
You are not allowed to remove the credits from inside Finzu's Chest

Use commercially (This means use as a way to advertise your products if the model itself is not included, it is fine to stream with, use in youtube videos/twitter posts etc. The limit is if you use it to advertise something such as an asset (such as clothing for the model made by you) you MUST clarify that the model itself is not included in your package [BASICALLY, don't try to earn money off my model by including the model in the thing you are selling, sorry kinda hard to explain xD])

Edit your textures, animations and meshes!
If added in a commission both parties must have purchased the same assets/packages.
You are allowed to remove the credits from the avatar menu.
You are allowed to publish the avatar in vrchat as Public!
Stream with it! Make posts on your social medias of it! Make tiktoks with it! Make youtube videos using it! I love to see content being made with my creations!!!!

Refund policy:
- Due to the nature of the product being digital and not physical once you have purchased the model even if I refund you, you will still have been able to download and keep the products. Thus there will be no refunds after purchase.
- Although in the event you purchase the package or combined packages multiple times I can refund for the duplicated purchases/packages: please contact me on Discord or Twitter in this scenario.


I want this!

All packages include the substance files, textures and FBXs for the version you choose to buy. Please read carefully which version you want before purchasing.


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